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Roof Monitoring & Quality Control Inspections

Our team is often called upon to perform full time or routine project inspections monitoring proper installation techniques and the use of proper materials. The costs associated with these valuable services are a small fraction of the total project cost. Once clients that have utilized these services they rarely take on another project without them.

It is known throughout the industry that although roofs may be similar in systems and composition, no two roofs are completely identical. This is because each roof is actually assembled or manufactured on site with the components that are made in factories. Outside of the materials used the environment, geographic region, climate, weather and related building components are all key components that can affect the outcome of each project. But one of the most important factors is the human element. It has been stated in numerous publications and presentations “A roof will only be as good as the individuals who install it.” One must stress that this statement does not only pertain to roofing but to many other facets of the construction industry.

This is where good consultants and onsite inspections have, and continue to, prove to be a tremendous asset to any project. Regardless of roofing or waterproofing, consultants must be experienced and well versed in not only the individual products and systems but all related components of the building that may have an effect on the installation and performance of the subject materials being installed. Our primary goal or objective when performing monitoring services is ensuring the success of the project. We employ a team of qualified and experienced individuals on our monitoring projects. Some of our members actively hold the RRO certification from RCI (Roof Consultants Institute).

MTNVIEW maintains strong relationships with all of the major industry manufacturers and their representatives. We regularly attend training on systems, designs and actual applications of the various systems and products offered by these manufacturers. This practice keeps our team well versed in what is available as well as what is acceptable to manufacturers. These manufacturers know our senior staff and are comfortable with our depth of knowledge. Often times our onsite staff can make a call on an issue as it immediately arises as opposed to having to halt progress and wait until a meeting and others become available to review a specific condition. This alone, has become a tremendous asset to clients.


MTNVIEW explored and opened this roof to expose the concrete roof deck and identify any moisture presence. Moisture meter was used as moisture was found.
MTNVIEW monitoring a masonry restoration project ensuring proper installation and the use of the prescribed materials. Here a MTNVIEW rep randomly checking fasteners to ensure the proper length is used.
As part of our standard process we evaluate the roof deck to see what type of roof fastener will be best suited for the specific application. Our fastener pull test machine performs fastener pull out tests.
MTNVIEW was the roof consultant on this very large new construction project in NYC. As part of the scope we designed, specified and inspected the installation.
We perform project monitoring to ensure proper installation techniques. Here we watch contractors as they remove caulking to ensure that no part of the joint is contaminated with foreign matter.
A final inspection of caulk installation is performed on a masonry restoration project.
A complicated wall flashing system installation in progress at a project where MTNVIEW was retained to help create proper restoration details, monitor the masonry restoration and ensure proper installation.
As part of a large restoration project some of the work included metalwork. MTNVIEW monitored the soldering to ensure proper techniques were utilized.
For the restoration and waterproofing of a landmark building in NYC, MTNVIEW was retained to help create proper project restoration details and monitor the project to ensure proper installation.