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Roof Evaluation & Condition Surveys

A visual roof review or evaluation can prove to be a very effective method of gaining a better understanding of the overall status of a subject roof and its adjacencies. It is a basic service but is very important in establishing a base line on moving forward. Therefore, this should not be performed by an untrained eye.

Our specialists are well versed in all commercial/industrial roof systems and their design and performance characteristics. More importantly, we also know how other components of the building envelope can affect the performance of a roof. Our staff will be able to identify minor details and deficiencies as well as possible conditions which may become problematic over time.

After our evaluation we discuss our findings and recommended solution options with the client. If requested we can provide an in depth evaluation report that can include: supporting photographic documentation; life expectancy; maintenance budgets; replacement budgets; a comprehensive list of observations.

Our client’s best interest is always in the forefront because at MTNVIEW we are consultants, not contractors or sales representatives for any materials. You can be sure that our findings and information are not biased toward promoting any unnecessary work or materials.

For clients that plan to do their own routine maintenance inspection of a roof, we recommend that the individual(s) performing the work have some understanding of the roof system. To assist you, we offer custom tailored seminars dedicated to training your management and facility maintenance staff on items such as fundamental understanding of roof systems, routine roof maintenance and best practices in emergency situations.

We understand that each client and project or facility has unique needs. Therefore, we look to custom tailor our services to these specific needs. We are often called upon to perform this service for property owners and managers as well as design professionals, schools and government institutions. We've found that clients benefit from roof evaluation and condition surveys when creating a base line for a maintenance program, determining roof life expectancy, capital planning, and investigating real estate acquisitions.


MTNVIEW was contracted to evaluate a roof project in progress. All of the roof drains were set too high not allowing for any water to drain. Contractors had to remove and reset over 40 drains.
As part of a comprehensive investigation roof cores are required. MTNVIEW performed roof cores to identify the existing roof composition and deck below.
Similar to previous photo, shows all of the materials as they were pulled out of the roof core. MTNVIEW performed the roof cores.
When exploring existing conditions it is critical to capture all relative dimensions. MTNVIEW captured dimensions of existing roof systems at all core locations to help identify the existing system and plan for proper performance enhancements with the new roof system.
MTNVIEW was hired to review this existing building envelope. After removing some of the debris and improper materials installed on the parapet walls, we identified the mortar from the bricks to be completely gone. A serious safety issue. Our investigations prevented what may have been a major catastrophe with masonry walls collapsing from tall buildings onto people below.
As part of our investigations we often take the time to review building interiors. Here a professional office space is shown in desperate shape due to constant active roof leaks.
When removing portions of an old roof to expose the roof deck below, we identified comprehensive structural failure. The constant roof leaks that went on ignored contributed significant cost to the overall price of the project.
When inspecting heat welded membrane systems it is critical to check the seams. MTNVIEW reviews the watertight integrity of membrane welds.