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We are often called upon by other design professionals to help educate their staff with roofing and waterproofing related topics. If you are a property manager or owner we can help train your staff with matters such as proper care and preventive maintenance of roof systems and building exteriors. These programs can range from simple overviews to hands on demonstrations. A custom tailored curriculum can be established to meet your specific needs.

We firmly believe that the more information the industry shares the better off we will be when it comes to understanding buildings and their performance. We always make sure our clients, project stakeholders and other industry professionals have at the very least, a good understanding of exterior building systems. This knowledge will help ensure that proper, educated decisions are made. All too often we learn about mistakes and improper decisions that resulted in the wrong materials or improper installation techniques being used. The root cause of this is usually the lack of fundamental knowledge of materials and systems.

In today’s age, construction can, and often is referred to as building science. The techniques and designs of yesterday no longer work. This is likely not because previous materials were identified as unsustainable and were intended for short term applications, but because materials and building performance requirements have actually changed. Not all products are compatible. More people are being held accountable for errors and failures. In some municipalities, all project stakeholders (installer, manufacturer, owner & designer) are responsible for code compliance. Buildings are designed and built with great attention to energy performance. Proper design, material selection and application of materials has become very critical.

Unlike most of the industry training offered today, we are not manufacturers and therefore do not (intentionally or inadvertently) promote any specific materials. By no means do we dismiss programs offered by manufacturers. They are truly an excellent resource. Members of our staff make it a point to attend these seminars whenever available. Most are factual and do provide accurate information.


We will take the time to review our findings with your team.
After learning of your expectations and that of your buildings we will present you with our findings and discuss a path forward. The information from these presentations can be utilized as part of a capital budget planning process.
With an ongoing active project our team takes the time to review and capture any project relevant information.
We offer a more formal classroom approach where the attendees can learn more about proper maintenance schedules and what to look for when hiring contractors.
Each building is different. We take the time to understand your needs, expectations and the facility itself before getting involved with any recommendations or advice.

Our team dedicates time to work with other members of a project to help ensure that all related work is properly executed.
Our team is involved with the most current industry applications. When it comes to rooftop solar installations on commercial buildings, we are often called upon to review the existing conditions and to help ensure that the new PV and roof will mutually last for a prolonged period of time.