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Building Envelope Services

Building envelope services provided by building envelope experts.

Our wide range of services are non-biased and always have the client's best interest in the forefront. Therefore we do not promote any unnecessary expenditures. Our unique approach focuses on understanding your needs as well as the needs of the subject facility. From there we can then determine the extent of what is needed.

Whether you are looking to maintain, repair, replace or review the existing conditions, our team can help you make the decision as well as implement an action plan to execute the project requirements.

The services on this page cover just some of what we can provide. Please contact us for a more comprehensive list of offerings and to find out how we can be of help to you.

  Building Envelope Services
roof evaluation and condition surveys
Infrared Roof Scans
water and spray testing
roof monitoring and quality control inspections
education and training
electronic leak detection

Roof Evaluation & Condition SurveysInfrared Roof ScansWater & Spray Testing
Roof Monitoring & Quality Control InspectionsEducation & TrainingElectronic Leak Detection