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MTNVIEW testimonials and press.

What our clients are saying about us and our insights on building envelopes.


“Recently we turned to Mark and his team to diagnose a problem at one of our relatively new buildings located at Lincoln Center.”

MTNVIEW came highly recommended to Yorke Construction Corp. (Yorke) by several sources. Recently Yorke engaged MTNVIEW to perform non‐destructive testing and leak investigations. MTNVIEW performed as advertised, with Mark and his team going over and above to work with our schedules, and tough project constraints. At all turns MTNVIEW acted very professionally, and exhibited a strong expertise in their field.

Recently we turned to Mark and his team to diagnose a problem at one of our relatively new buildings located at Lincoln Center. Several industry professionals had been unable to locate the source of a nagging leak, and over the course of a year our client grew increasingly frustrated by the condition. Mark took the time to speak with our on‐site staff, asked pertinent questions regarding construction details, and within an hour he was able to isolate the source of the leak. Yorke did not need to evaluate or have any additional testing performed, and Mark followed up by providing several renovation options.

Yorke has no hesitations in recommending Mark and his team at MTNVIEW. Yorke will continue to rely on their expertise any time non‐destructive testing, or leak investigation is required.

Russell S. Dodson
Vice President
Yorke Construction Corporation


“… provided us with on-site project monitoring as well as ongoing technical support.”

We are working with MTNVIEW for over nine years. From the beginning Markian represented himself as a can-do individual. Instead of easily sidestepping when technical issues arose, he volunteered and submerged himself in a major roofing project and took on a proactive role to support the owner. This project happened to be our flagship facility in Queens, NY. Some time later BDG initiated a major façade and water intrusion investigation project. We reached out to Mark for their technical expertise and their in depth understanding of exterior façade systems.

We brought him in at the early stages of the Blumenfeld and Forest City Ratner (Tiago Holdings LLC) project working from the design developmentto the final construction documents. They also provided us with on-site project monitoring as well as ongoing technical support with the exterior work on the project. MTNVIEW had an excellent understanding of the level of complexity and sensitivity often common on projects where numerous trades and designers are working to meet their individual deadlines and commitments.

We continue to rely on Markian & his team for matters regarding the exterior of our many facilities.

Peter Mykytyn
Director of Site Management & Special Projects


“… saved us over $40,000…”

With MTNVIEW’s involvement, their infrared and condition surveys helped identify and isolate problematic areas which in turn saved us over $40,000 in unnecessary repair costs.

John D Rogers SMA
Cushman & Wakefield


“… your many years and many roof experiences are shown in the observations in your reports…”

We have been managing apartment buildings for over twenty years and have used your services several times over that period.
Knowing where water is helpful in deciding what kind of roof work needs to be done. We just had a roof that is leaking horribly this winter and assumed that it would need a complete rip-off down to the plywood deck. The moisture scan revealed that there were very few areas that the water had penetrated and only the first layer of rubber needed removing. We could keep the insulation and plywood deck, saving the building roughly $80,000. In addition, knowing where there is water is vital to prevent leaks as you take off the old roof. I have seen roof jobs where it was not known where there is water under the roof and have seen the huge damage to apartments below.

I would never do a roof job without a moisture scan, and your company in particular. Your integrity and care in the work you do, only makes my job easier and more professional as well. The benefit of your many years and many roof experiences are shown in the observations in your reports that do not just limit themselves to your moisture scan. Invaluable!

Marsha K. Grant
President, Grant Management Services


“I am most grateful for your services and would be delighted to recommend you.”

Once again I thank you and MTNVIEW for your assistance. As you know, our school roof began to leak. I requested your services to help us determine if the roof needed to be replaced or just repaired. Your infrared services indicated that there were numerous points of damage. At some points the roof was fully saturated. Your report indicated that a complete replacement was in order. Instead of wasting money on ineffective repairs, we have now spent that money on a completely new roof with a long term guarantee. I am most grateful for your services and would be delighted to recommend you.

Rev Michael P McLoughlin


Spike in interest in photovoltaic or solar systems as altenative source of energy.

By Mark Duma
New York Real Estate Journal
September 23, 2008

“Some have referred to it as an emotional reaction, but no matter how you put it, there has been a considerable spike in interest in photovoltaic or solar systems as an alternate source of energy. Many retailers, nationally, are exploring this alternative source of energy as well. Green roofs as well as pho-tovoltaics are considered, by many, as the hottest trend in the roofing industry. Let’s dive a bit deeper into the solar arena and discuss green roofs another time.

Typically, most of us perceive the roof as a place to hold the HVAC equipment. No one looks at the roof until it causes problems, such as leaks. Today, your roof may be utilized to enhance your bottom line.”

Download a PDF of the complete article.


Know your roof: Photovoltaic installations beyond mounting panels.

By Mark Duma
Solar Industry
November 2008

“We are all well aware of the figures outlining the exponential growth the solar industry is experiencing. There are various local and government incentives and credits offered for installing and utilizing renewable energy. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the Solar America Initiative seeks to have the electricity produced from photovoltaic systems be competitive with conventional power sources by 2015. But today, the investment in PV in the U.S. is still considered by many to be very costly. PV installations on commercial roofs in the U.S. today constitute only a very minute fraction of the commercial roofing industry.”

Download a PDF of the complete article.